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Full Version: Simon Nicholas
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Simon seems to have accidentally deregistered himself - can anyone assist, please?
I've just had a very quick look and can't see any issues, although I'm not fully up to speed.
I`m back (thanks Ian and Pompeyfan) - the forum had logged me out and I had not realised - all ok now.

Simon N.
(Sun, 17 January 2016, 15:46)iantherev Wrote: [ -> ]I've just had a very quick look and can't see any issues, although I'm not fully up to speed.

Is it even possible to "deregister" yourself? I'm just curious.
(Mon, 26 February 2018, 09:22)JorgeLu Wrote: [ -> ]Is it even possible to "deregister" yourself? I'm just curious.

Not from the UserCP (which is where you'd expect to find it ...), and from memory, I don't think I've ever managed (or been a member of) any forum that has such a feature.

It'd be a piece of cake for me to implement a "delete your account" button - that'll then fire up an "Are you sure?" dialog box, then a "Are you sure you're sure" question, then execute a script to nuke the account.

I might knock up some code when I get a bit of free time (and there's nothing else to do around here), but in the meantime, if anyone does want to leave, just drop me an note, I'll email you back to make sure that you're sure, and I'll wipe your account clean.

that sounds like a good idea
Been thinking about this - if someone got hold of your password and hacked your account (although god knows why anyone would actually attempt this ...), the worst that could happen is that they could post messages "as you". It's not as if we hold any confidential/sensitive information like bank details, NI numbers etc. So - that's not a huge problem, as the mod team can quickly delete the fake postings, then tell you to to reset your password and put you in the naughty corner until the school bell rings.

However - If there was a button to click to delete your account, then that potentially makes things difficult, as they could wipe everything you've posted, with possibly no chance of recovering it without manually trawling through the backup files and re-posting the posts - and that would be a nightmare.

I've put this on my list of things to do - but it's a bloody long list (new house = tons of decorating), so don't expect any action on this in the very near future!

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