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Evening all,
Is anyone else experiencing problems with ads appearing on the right side on the forum screen? They've only started appearing this evening with most saying "the content can't be displayed" or other ads telling me how I can become a millionaire. 

I'm accessing the forum using Safari off an Apple iPhone. I've been through a number of other open tabs as well as other apps which show no trouble at all so the ads seem exclusive to this page only? Anyone got any ideas how I can get rid of them or if they're a wider problem?

Many thanks 
I'm getting the same problem and saying my phone has a virus which is probally a scam
Same here on Firefox on a windows desktop. I've been getting bouncy ad's for ages plus a second (advertising) page opening when I click to select this forum. All very irritating as I believe Matt is paying to avoid any ad's. Not getting any of that on the Stagey forum.
Yep. The annual ad-kill subscription had run out, so I've renewed it for another year. Should be sorted within 48hours (takes them that long to process credit cards for some reason)

I have never stopped getting ads.
Bouncy ads on Chrome (on Android sans Adblocker) and tonight got one particularly nasty variant that I had to "do a virus scan" and even going back a number of pages didn't stop it.

I literally had to close the browser and start again.
If you do nothing for about a minute it disappears of its own volition and you can carry on as normal rather than having to faff about. Only found that out when reading these posts with the ad on the screen.

If things are still popping and bouncing after lunch tomorrow (so - depending on your lunch-schedule, and given that it's a Friday), please let me know tomorrow afternoon if you're still being interrupted.


So it's now 12:47 and this is what I'm getting....

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]
Ditto on Chrome/Android
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