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Full Version: Contact us // Spam
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We're aware of the spam issue that's blighting this area of the forum, and we're in discussion about how best to deal with it. This MAY result in this "free for all" bit being removed, simply to cut down on the task of having to monitor it and delete garbage as and when it appears.

However - I've set up a new email address, which the management team can all access. It's - I'd advise all forum members to add this to your address books / contacts list; should you ever have an issue logging in, or have a question, feel free to use that. Obviously, if you've got our personal emails or phone numbers, it may be quicker to contact one of us directly. The new email address is always clickable via the 'contact us' link (very bottom left-hand corner of any page, and you don't need to be logged in to access it)

Anyway - apologies for the spam - completely out of our control. Off for a quick swim, then a spot of lunch, then back to Ouistreham for the ferry.


As a result of the constant garbage that has been appearing in this area, the Management have decided to disallow non-registered users from posting in this area.

Unfortunately, this also means that regular members (that's you lot!) will no longer be able to leave messages in this area if they are not logged in. Although at the moment, it seems that the login / registration processes seem to be working just fine (fingers crossed that I've not just jinxed it ...) there *might* be an occasion where for one reason or another you can't log in, and need one of the admin team to check your account profile or reset your password.

If this should happen, please e-mail the team on (please add this to your contacts list) and we'll do what we can to get you back up and running.


Matt (for and on behalf etc etc)
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