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Gents, Up until yesterday afternoon I used to access via the website which gave the links to Steve Whites forum, Southampton Updates and all aspects of the provincial Society. This access has suddenly stopped and I get at the top of the screen in the Google box "The Domain Name Has Expired".

I can obviously still get the forum by Logging into First Hampshire & Dorset Enthusiasts Forum but do not have all the other niceties previously enjoyed under one login.

Hope it makes sense what I have tried to explain.

Best Regards George Confused Confused
Hi George,

I'm not entirely following you here.  It sounds as if someone's fallen asleep somewhere and not renewed a certain site, but I'm not sure which one.

Could you repeat the steps that you would normally follow, and when you get to the page with the "expired" notification, copy and paste the address that is in the address bar of your browser and post it here - that way I'll be able to figure out what's gone wrong, and where!

[EDIT - I've checked the ProSoc, So'ton bus updates and Steve's site - all seem to be up and running as usual)


(Who really should be getting on with some work ...)
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