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Full Version: CSS Borkage?
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Is it just me, or has all the site formatting gone awry?

Looks like all the CSS and images / borders / etc disappeared.
Seems ok from here. Could you grab a screenshot and post it - I'll investigate.

Ah - you're looking at the https version of the site (*) - you can see that the "padlock" icon is to the left of the address bar.

If you go to (without the "s"), you should be good to go, and the site will display as expected.


(*) - This was something that I was fiddling with while I was laid up in hospital, but didn't get around to finishing due to them discharging me a lot sooner than I'd expected. I'll look at that again sometime soon, as it's entirely possible that browsers may stop supporting "insecure" sites in the not-too-distant future, so best to be one step ahead.
Ahhhhh. No rush - health far more important!

En route to see Green Yellow Buses, on the one day I am allowed out this month.
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