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Full Version: Note for all new users
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Hello new people,

It's been brought to my attention that the email that's automatically generated when you register can disappear into the junk email folder. Plus, if you're a gmail/googlemail/gmx (and probably anything else starting with "g") user and access your mail through an MUA (Outlook/Express, Thunderbird, Eudora etc.), the mail can appear blank without the important 'click here' link.

Not a lot we can do about this, I'm afraid, but if you've attempted to register and seem to have heard nothing, PLEASE check your junk folder, but if there's no joy, then drop us an email (link bottom left) and after checking your details, we'll flick the switch - please include your chosen username and the email account you used to register.

Apols for technology being a pain in the rear, but the day it starts working properly, I'll have to sell the house, car, kids and cat (wherever the hell she's gone).


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