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On the gallery at the bottom it says I only have permission to view thumbnails, am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the system?
That's odd - you should be able to view full-size images without problems; I'll add it to my list of "stuff I gotta do at some stage".

In fact, thanks for the kick up the backside on this. I've been meaning to get some more pictures uploaded, but it keeps getting shoved to the back of my mind for some reason.


[edit] - just had a look at the gallery using the 'testuser' account (which I use to see what you lot see), and it's doing it for me as well. I'll sort that out sharpish. And get some more content uploaded.
Cheers M!
Sorted. Give it a crack now.

And as if by magic it's sorted...
Tah-dah! (at least some part of my brain is still operational ....)

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