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Full Version: Uploading images -
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Here's a direct copy of the "how-to" guide I posted on the Stagecoach forum a month or so ago. (this is for

The easiest way to do it is thus;

Head over to Postimage, and click on 'Choose file'.

This will bring up a 'browse' dialogue box - use this to locate the image on your computer. Once you've found it, click 'Open'.

If your picture is huge (either size-wise or dimensionally), you may wish to resize it - I usually go for 1200x1024, as this is a reasonable trade-off between image quality and size, and will display on most people's monitors easily.

Once you've done that lot, click on 'Upload it', and this will send your image to the server - this may take a minute, so don't panic if nothing appears to be happening.

You'll then see a thumbnail of your picture, with lots of links beneath it - the one you are after is 'Thumbnail for Forums (1)" - click on the button to the left of that. Head back to this forum, and compose your message, and wherever you want to insert your image, paste the link in by hitting CTRL and V. You should see some code, like that shown below.


And that's it. To check that it's worked, click on 'Preview Post' next to the 'Post Thread' button, then finish off your thread, and post it to the world!

Any problems, reply to this thread, or PM me, and I'll do what I can to help.


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